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Dungeons & Dragons

Moderator: Fr. O'Hare and Mr. Reese

Student Leaders: Thaddeus Goratowski and James Jensen


Room: Library 


Meetings: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, after school


Many amazing adventures can be explored through digital media, but some of the best experiences are to be had with friends in the same room. In the Dungeons and Dragons club, which is accepting of those well-versed in D&D or newcomers, students explore fantasy realms with a character of their own design; they explore the world in the way they want to, and they experience this amazing world with classmates (who in the end become friends) wishing to do the same. A common phrase of D&D should be noted: "(Almost) Anything is possible." Creativity and open sandbox thinking are key, as there are many solutions to one problem. Complete quests and become a well-known hero.

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